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Following a complex pilon (distal tibial) fracture:

A clinic letter to Mr. Blake: “I’ve just seen this gentleman who you fixed his pilon fracture superbly 18 months ago. He’s just developed a little bit of ankle synovitis but he has a full range of moion equal to the other side and has been back doing everything he wants to be back to.” J.D.


Following a complex shoulder fracture:
A letter from a colleague: “He had a locked posterior fracture dislocation of his right shoulder which was relocated and internally fixed by Mr Blake. The position on the most recent x-ray is excellent. He is going to come back to fracture clinic in three weeks time and at that stage we will start more active physiotherapy.” V.C.


Following a complex revision total hip replacement:
A thank you card from a hospital occupational therapist: "Many thanks for allowing me to observe you in theatre yesterday. It was amazing to actually see how dedicated you were in such a time consuming complex procedure. Brilliant!" J.W.


Following a total hip replacement:

A letter from a colleague: “I reviewed Mrs X in the clinic today and she would like me to pass on her regards to you and thank you for the great result.” J.C.


Following a total knee replacement:

A letter from a colleague: “I just thought I would let you know that this chap whose knee you did in December is extremely happy with the result of surgery and wanted to pass on his thanks.” M.B.


Following a total knee replacement:

A letter from a physiotherapist: “Mr X was referred to physiotherapy following his total knee replacement and has received five treatment sessions, over which time he has improved his range of movement, power and function. Mr X is pleased with the results of his knee replacement and has returned to his pre-op activities of gardening and walking.” P.M.


Following a knee arthroscopy:

A letter from a colleague to the patients GP: “I saw this gentleman who had the above surgery performed by Mr Blake having been admitted with a locked knee. Mr Blake performed an arthroscopy and since then this gentleman has returned to work and as far as he is concerned he is back to normal. Interestingly he feels that his knee is back better than it’s ever been before.” M.B.


Following a badly displaced forearm fracture:

A letter from a consultant colleague: “The initial x-rays show marked displacement and angulation of both fractures and I can see from your operation note that there was significant soft tissue interposition on both sides. The fractures have been nicely reduced and held, the wounds are healing beautifully and she seems quite comfortable.” I.B.


Following a shoulder fracture:

A letter from a colleague to the patients GP: “I saw this gentleman in the fracture clinic today. He is progressing extremely well. X-rays taken today are satisfactory and Mr X is completely pain free. He has excellent mobility in his right shoulder. His wounds have healed very nicely and Mr X is extremely pleased with the result, to the extent that he is almost using his right arm in the way that he was before the injury.” M.B.


Following a femur (thigh bone) fracture:

A letter from a consultant colleague: “Diagnosis: Comminuted fracture of left femoral shaft treated with locked femoral nail. Current situation: Back to full activities. No pain. Comments: He recovered remarkedly fast!” B.L.


Following a day of examining trainee surgeons:

An organiser’s letter to Mr Blake: “I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your hard work and help with the mock examinations that took place last week. I think the day itself was a great success and it was much appreciated by the registrars that took part. Many of them have asked me to pass on their thanks to you for the effort that you went to in preparing for the day and also taking part in the day itself. Thanks once again for all of your hard work.” J.H.


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